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But you don't have to live with this problem. Back injuries.

Taking simple, cost effective steps to enhance your property really can make a difference. Remember, we all have our dream home in our mind, so why not help to make your home someone else’s dream.

So what can you do to help sell your home fast?

We have put together a list of the easiest and most cost effective methods of helping you sell your home. Whilst they may seem obvious enough you will be surprised how much of a difference they can make to the psychology of the sale – you want your house to be remembered for the right reasons – so lets start here.

Keep Your House Tidy\n This is probably the most common mistake people make. Leaving your house in a mess will put off even the keenest buyers. The dirty washing up, kids toys, clothes and clutter really does detract from even the nicest property. Potential buyers will spend their viewing time judging you, not your house. Whilst buyers want to get a feel for your property they also want to imagine it being their future home. You may think that it will help them picture themselves in a real home environment, but in reality your mess and clutter will probably put them off the whole idea. Remember, keep it clean, keep it simple.

Make Some Repairs\n This does not necessarily mean a full ‘refurb’. It is important to remember that buyers will often look at a property and see its ‘potential’. They will want to change colours and carpets to their tastes which is natural. But, often they will also like to see that a home has been well looked after. If they see those holes in the wall, those broken light switches, hanging wires, missing and broken tiles, they may well wonder what else needs doing. They will lose confidence in the property and may decide that there is too much work to be done.Cosmetic changes are deemed acceptable, but having to get someone in to repair numerous defects is not. By solving these minor problems now you remove one potentially big objection and buyers will hopefully see any other work as just superficial.

Enhance the Exterior\n The first thing a potential buyer will see when they come to view your home is the exterior so it is vital you make this as pleasant as possible. Make repairs to the front of your home. This includes damages to render, porches, paths and front walls. Give walls, fascias and fences a fresh coat of paint where possible. Make your property stand out. Make it look clean and cared for. This includes the garden or yard should you have them. Clear the clutter, the kids toys, the rusting car or motor-bike. Cut the grass and tidy the beds if you have them. This really is vital. It could be the first and last chance you have with a potential buyer. First impressions really are very important and if you do not take action you may not even get buyers through the front door.

Reduce Your Price\n Being realistic about the value of your property is essential to making a quick sale of any property. We all like to think that our house is worth a small fortune, after all it is our Castle. However, being unrealistic may well hold you back and leave your property sitting on the market for a very long time. Just because a house down the street sold for ‘X’ does not mean that yours will too. There are many factors which have to be taken into account when it comes to the true value of a property. The fundamental element of “it is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it” is very true and must not be forgotten – the question is are you prepared to wait until a buyer will pay what you want for it?. Unfortunately many vendors do miss out on opportunities to sell their home because of this. It is important to make comparisons and these will often vary quite considerably, but you need to look at the big picture and ask why it is you are selling, what is it you want to achieve from the sale of your home and how soon do you need to sell.

Ultimately the truth of the matter will always be that the more you reduce the asking price for your home the faster you will sell it. Just remember that by taking action and making educated decisions You Can Help Yourself Now.

We will help you sell your home fast and for cash. Remember you are just a phone call away from this dream being a reality.

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